Cadillac Super Cruise Coming in 2017

Developing autonomous driving technology is no easy task, and Cadillac is finding out the hard way. Then again, that tends to happen when you’re at the forefront of the technological battleground and pushing forward into uncharted territory before everyone else.

General Motors has announced that the semi-autonomous Cadillac Super Cruise technology that was originally intended to launch on the new Cadillac CT6 sedan later this fall would actually be pushed back to sometime in 2017—exactly when is unclear. Unlike many other technologies, it’s not something that can be rushed through to production. For self-explanatory reasons, a driverless system needs to be working flawlessly to guarantee safety; in Mark Reuss’s words, “It will come out when it is ready.”

Even with the delay, Cadillac would be far above the competition in the autonomous driving arena. Most other automakers aren’t planning to release any driverless technology before 2020. We certainly can’t wait at Sarant Cadillac!

A black 2016 Cadillac CT6

The Super Cruise technology is planned to premiere in a Cadillac CT6.

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