Watch Out for Bikes: Safely Sharing the Road

Remembering to watch out for bikes on the road is even more important now that the winter weather is gone and we are left with sunny skies. In most areas, bikes are considered vehicles and must obey traffic laws. However, that also means that you have to treat them as equals while you are driving along. The road can be especially dangerous when you share it with bicyclists.

What can you do to make it safer? According to Edmunds, it is most important to understand just how vulnerable bike riders are. To put things in perspective, a bike weighs an average of 20 pounds; a car weighs roughly 4,000 pounds. Plus, our brains tend to overlook bicyclists on the road because of their smaller size. That makes it especially important to keep an eye out for bikes and to give extra room when driving near them.

Next, change that attitude. Not all drivers hate bike riders, but many do. The fact of the matter is that unless the rider is younger than 10 years old, they must be on the road. While many cities accommodate bicyclists with bike lanes, it is still important to pay attention. When turning right, make sure to look twice for bike riders (as well as motorcycles). Also, when you stop in traffic to turn right, make sure no bicyclists are coming up behind you on your right.

Bicyclists on street

This road in Chicago has a designated buffered bike lane.

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