Summer Service Tips for Your Cadillac

Now that summer is here, your Cadillac can benefit from some seasonal service and maintenance. Use these summer service tips to get your Cadillac vehicle ready for the warmer weather.

Summer Service Tips - Farmingdale, NYChange the Oil.

You should reference your owner’s manual to determine when your Cadillac needs an oil change; typically, seasonal oil changes are a good idea. The oil lubricates the engine with clean oil so your vehicle can run smoothly and efficiently.

Check the Coolant.

The coolant and the radiator in your Cadillac will be working even harder when the temperatures turn up in the summer. Check the coolant levels in your car to help prevent it from overheating.

Inspect the Tires.

When tires are under-inflated or over-inflated, it can lead to unsafe driving conditions. The tires could be in danger of blowing when you’re driving on hot pavement, while tires with poor tread will not give you the best traction. Take a look at the tires on your car to ensure they are in good condition for the summer.

Test the Battery.

Summer is as hard on car batteries as winter is, so it’s important to test the battery in your Cadillac a couple times per year. See if it needs to be replaced and check for any corrosion around the terminals.


Bring your vehicle to Sarant Cadillac if you need any of these components to be replaced or maintained.

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