Black Friday Car Buying Tips

Black Friday - Cadillac XT4

Every year, Black Friday sales draw hordes of shoppers in search of deals and cost-effective holiday shopping. Black Friday sales are often on big-ticket items, and buyers hope to snag these items at a massively discounted price. Box stores are not the only popular destination on this day, as Black Friday is also one of the biggest sale days of the year at car dealerships. If you’re looking to buy a car this Black Friday, there are some things you should do beforehand to make sure the day is a success for you and your wallet. Here are some Black Friday car buying tips.

  • Know what you want beforehand: Before arriving at the dealership on Black Friday, you should aim to know exactly which vehicle you want and what features. Peruse the dealership’s inventory online or in person, and know which vehicle you want along with a backup in mind in case someone else snags your top choice. To avoid spending long hours at the dealership, test drive your desired vehicle before Black Friday and arrive at the dealership as close to opening as possible.
  • Know you’re financing plan beforehand: If you’re getting an auto loan from somewhere other than the dealership, make sure you have all the necessary documentation with you when you head there. It may be the case that the dealership has the best Black Friday financing option or deal for you, so take this into consideration when deciding how to finance your vehicle.
  • Pay attention to details: When deciding which dealership to head to on Black Friday, pay attention to details and the specifics of the deal you’re interested in. Read the fine print, call and ask the dealership staff clarifying questions beforehand, and know the details of bonus gifts accompanying vehicle purchases.

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