Cadillac’s Don’t You Dare Campaign Launches at 88th Academy Awards

Cadillac unveiled four new commercials at the 88th Academy Awards, marking the next chapter of its Dare Greatly campaign.

The new directive is titled “Don’t You Dare,” and features nine innovators pursuing their passion and achieving success despite all of the obstacles on the way. These include Easton LaChapelle, a 19-year-old who developed a mind-operated prosthetic limb; Laura Deming, an MIT student working to extend the human health span; and Christopher Gray, a reformer helping thousands of students attend college for free with scholarship guidance.

Cadillac’s Don’t You Dare campaign is fully fleshed out on the official website, where visitors can watch 60-second spots about all nine of the innovators and explore how they are breaking the status-quo and improving their communities.

Uwe Ellinghause, Cadillac’s chief marketing officer, draws parallels between the way these exceptional individuals are encouraging consumers to take action and the way that “Cadillac’s direction this year is about materializing the aspirations and ambitions the brand set in motion in 2015.”

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