Setting New Standards: Cadillac Super Cruise Technology

2018 Cadillac CT6


Sit back and relax behind the wheel with the new Cadillac Super Cruise technology. Super Cruise is one of the world’s first semi-autonomous driving systems, a driver assist technology that essentially drives the car with very minimal input from the person behind the wheel. Though this technology is only offered on certain CT6 models at the moment, the technology provides a way forward for a wide range of vehicles.

Cadillac recently featured an ad campaign during the Oscars to showcase the new Super Cruise technology. The ad showed several futuristic cars from cinematic and television history, including scenes from Knight Rider, The Jetsons, Back to the Future, Speed Racer, and Blade Runner. These were compared to Super Cruise-equipped vehicles like the CT6, and the brand also glimpsed the new XT4 crossover.

Unlike last year’s ad that focused on social unity, Cadillac decided to focus their Oscar ad on Cadillac technologies like Super Cruise. “I kind of feel the public is tired of seeing these heavy, lofty ads,” explains Cadillac marketing director Renée Rauchut. “It just seems a little bit more honest right now in my opinion to focus on our products.”

Super Cruise works by combining several existing features, including driver assist technology. For example, Lane Keep Assist and Adaptive Cruise Control operate as part of the system to monitor the environment around the vehicle while maintaining speed and following distance, among other things.

With technologies like Super Cruise, Cadillac is setting new standards for the automotive industry. See it in action at Sarant Cadillac!


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