Cadillac Super Cruise™ is the First Hands-Free Driving System

Cadillac has always been an industry leader in terms of innovation, and this year is no different. In fact, the brand recently released Cadillac Super Cruise™, the next step in autonomous vehicle technologies. Super Cruise™ is the world’s first truly hands-free driving system for the freeway.

The Super Cruise™ system is only offered on limited-access freeways, according to Cadillac, roads that are separated from opposing traffic. However, the system is basically capable of driving itself with little to no input from the driver. There’s a series of controls you’ll need to activate for it to work:

  • Turn on Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Switch Forward Collision System to “alert and brake”
  • Turn off Teen Driver

It also only works if you appear active and attentive behind the wheel, if lane markings are clearly visible, and if the cameras and radar are not covered. Once all these steps are in place, Super Cruise™ will activate.

How does it work? The system combines high-resolution GPS, a driver attention system, and radar. Offered on the 2018 CT6 Platinum trim as an upgrade on the Premium Luxury trim, the Super Cruise™ system is just the first step in revolutionizing the auto industry. Here at Sarant Cadillac, we can’t wait to see what Cadillac comes up with next.

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