Road Trip Tips

2017 Cadillac On A Road Trip

Follow these important tips before hitting the road on your next road trip.

Hitting the highway for a family road trip or summer vacation is something many Americans enjoy year after year. Some road trips will go smoother than others, but any road trip can be streamlined with a handful of changes. Check out these road trip tips from us here at Sarant Cadillac to make for the perfect getaway.


  • Clean – Make sure to give your car a thorough cleaning before hitting the road on a long trip; doing so will make any ride more enjoyable. Less clutter will also make certain areas, like the glovebox, more accessible. Not to mention, your car will look so much better as you cruise down the highway.


  • Maintenance – Failing to properly maintain your car is a great way to ensure your summer vacation is over before it even gets into full swing. Have a professional technician look over your vehicle’s mechanical parts to ensure everything is in perfect operating condition before you leave. A quick checkup can help avoid any nasty breakdowns or wasted time waiting for roadside assistance.


  • Plan – While you should obviously have some sort of plan, having a strict schedule will only lead to more stress. Instead, have a loose schedule with plenty of wiggle room in case of delays. Traffic jams and overloaded rest stops will only lead to frustration when a plan is too

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