How to Fix a Dent in Your Car

No matter how carefully you take care of your car, you simply can’t control the actions of other people. At some point in your life, you’re going to find yourself in a situation where you have a dent in your car that needs to be fixed. Why pay a bunch of money to have it done? Here are two methods to fix a dent in your car.

Method 1: Suction Cup

For this method, you only need some type of suction cup that is the size of the dent. This could be anything from a small suction cup to the plunger from your bathroom. Simply place the suction cup or plunger over the dent on your car, and use the pressure to pull the dent out.

Method 2: Hot/Cold

For this method, you need a heat source (a hairdryer, for example) and a cold source (ice or a can of air duster turned upside down will work). Begin by using the hairdryer to warm the area around the dent to make the material malleable.

Avoid holding the heat source too close to the car (about six inches away will do). Once the area is sufficiently warm, use the cold source contrast to pop the dent back into position.

While these methods work great for simple projects, consider consulting a professional if the damage is more serious.

Fix a Dent

Suction cup and hot/cold methods are easy ways to fix small dents yourself.

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