Helping the Community: Island Harvest Food Bank

Here at Sarant Cadillac, we’re proud to be a part of the local community. There are some fantastic organizations in the area, including the Island Harvest Food Bank. Founded in 1992 by Linda Breistone, this food bank is dedicated to helping those in need by reducing hunger and food waste in the Long Island area.

According to the Island Harvest website, volunteers at the organization work to collect and distribute surplus food throughout the community. Island Harvest is part a larger network of 570 Long Island-based food pantries, soup kitchens, and other non-profit organizations. Believe it or not, the food bank has helped serve over 66 million meals since its inception.

“Always treating those it helps with dignity and respect, that charity’s goal is to end hunger and reduce poverty on Long Island through efficient food collection and distribution; enhanced hunger-awareness and nutrition-education programs; job training; and direct services targeted at children, senior citizens, veterans and others at risk,” reads the Long Island website.

Roughly 94% of every dollar that you donate to the Island Harvest organization goes to support a large number of individuals in the area. In fact, the program helps to fund programs like Feeding America, one of the largest hunger-relief charities in the US.

Looking to get involved? There are multiple opportunities to volunteer, including weekly food runs, supply runs, warehouse assistants, drivers, and more. Simply visit the website to sign up.

Volunteers at food bank

Volunteer at Long Island Harvest and help our community!

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