New Presidential Limousine Is Even More Beastly

If a friend nicknames his car “The Beast,” it’s more than likely that you should look at him askew and wonder where he got the idea that his car deserved such a grandiose nickname. When the Secret Service calls the Presidential limousine “The Beast,” though, it takes just one look at the specs to realize that it is fully entitled to that name.

Many details of the car are classified, but there’s still plenty we do know, like the fact that it is resistant to biochemical attacks, has its own oxygen supply, carries a reserve of the President’s blood type in the trunk, has armor plating around eight inches thick, five-inch-thick bulletproof glass, Kevlar-reinforced tires, and so on and so forth.

Next year, it might have even more sweet features worthy of its nickname. A new Presidential limousine has been spotted in testing and is expected to go into service sometime in 2017, which will no doubt be even more beastly than the current model. The government had given Cadillac a contract for a new vehicle in 2013.

If you stop by Sarant Cadillac, you’ll find that most of our cars have something or another in common with The Beast—the headlights, grille, and comfort, for example. They’re not bomb-proof, but hey, we can’t all be the president now can we?

2009 Presidential Limousine

We’re excited to see how this 2009 presidential limousine compares to the one in 2017!

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