Cadillac Opens a “Cadillac House” in New York City

Cadillac is famous worldwide for the vehicles that it creates. The Cadillac cars and crossovers are considered to possess the highest quality. Following in the footsteps of their success with automobiles, Cadillac recently revealed a new project unlike anything that the brand has ever done.

According to a Cadillac press release, Cadillac opened a “Cadillac House” in New York City.

The Cadillac House is not quite a house that you live in. Instead, the area is a 12,000 square foot permanent addition to Cadillac’s New York headquarters.

The space, which is designed to reflect the look and feel of Cadillac’s signature design, will be used for a variety of reasons, including housing rotating exhibits like the Council of Fashion Designers of America Retail Lab, an innovative merchandising and retailing program.

“Cadillac has built its nearly 114-year history by being at the forefront of automotive design, technology and style,” said Uwe Ellinghaus, Cadillac Chief Marketing Officer. “With Cadillac House, we have an exciting opportunity to bring to life the brand’s unique passion and perspective for beyond the automotive space.”

When building the foundation of a house, you want to build it out of something that will last. Nothing lasts longer than the legacy of Cadillac!

Closeup of Cadillac emblem on vehicle.

The Cadillac House expands the reach of the Cadillac brand beyond the automotive industry.

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