Five Outdoor New York City Attractions

New York City is famous for being a concrete jungle. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t beautiful outdoor spots to enjoy in NYC during the months of summer. While the weather is nice and warm, make it a priority to visit these five outdoor New York City attractions!

  • Central Park

No other city park in the world features miles of trails, a beautiful lake, and a zoo, all incorporated into one area! There is no limit to the activities that you can participate in at Central Park.

  • Liberty Island

For decades, the Statue of Liberty has served as a symbol not only of New York City, but of freedom itself! By visiting Liberty Island, you can come face to face with the famous sculpture.

  • Ellis Island

Another famous island located off the coast of New York, Ellis Island is the perfect place to learn about the rich history of the New York City area and the people who once lived there.

  • Yankee Stadium or Citi Field

Whether you are a fan of the Yankees or the Mets, summer is the perfect time of the year to catch a good game of baseball in NYC.

  • Coney Island

Nothing represents summer in New York City better than a day at the beach or on the rides featured at Coney Island!

A bridge in Central Park in NYC.

Central Park


Yankee Stadium in NYC

Yankee Stadium

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