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Drive with Good Posture | Farmingdale, NY

Anyone who’s taken a long trip knows that it’s easy to get sore. That’s why it’s particularly important to drive with good posture. Additionally, though, there are several other health advantages to driving while sitting straight, and it can even help you stay more alert.

According to GEICO, drivers are often partly responsible for discomfort behind the wheel. While a bad seat can certainly contribute to sore limbs, many drivers don’t sit correctly when driving. First, it’s important to support your back as much as possible by sliding your tailbone as close to the seatback as possible. Second, lift your hips so that your thighs are supported along the entire seat, and try not to sit too close to the wheel. Third, make sure your eye level is three inches above the steering wheel, but also position your seat so its leaning slightly (about 100 to 110 degrees — slightly more than perpendicular).

In addition to making yourself more comfortable behind the wheel, sitting up straight will improve circulation. Not only can this prevent chronic pain, but it can also be better for those at a higher risk of a heart attack or stroke. Plus, people who sit up straight are less likely to have a serious injury in an accident, as most vehicles are designed with safety features that work best when you sit up straight (like airbags and seatbelts).

Another important component to comfort is driving a car with good, supportive seats. Fortunately, you can find a plethora of these at Sarant Cadillac!

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