Preparing Your Car for Winter: Tips for Maintenance

Making sure you prepare your car for winter is especially important if you want to stay safe and extend the life of your vehicle. Winterizing can prevent breakdowns, and it can also help you avoid dangerous situations on the road. That’s why we’ve put together a list of ways to prepare your car for the winter.

According to, one of the most important things to check is the tires. That’s because the dip in temperature can lead to a loss in air pressure. In fact, for every 10-degree drop in the temperature, your car loses about 1 psi—add that to normal pressure loss and you could have some seriously flat tires. Stop by a gas station to fill your tires.

While you are filling your tires with air, check to see if there are any cracks or bulges. You should consider getting new tires for the winter, especially if you’ve had the same tires for a while. Many people prefer to get winter tires, which come with special rubber compounds to resist cold weather, deep treads, and channels to divert water.

Finally, check the electrical system and battery. Cold weather can be especially harsh on electronics, so check for frayed wiring and bad connections. It’s also a good idea to have a professional check your battery. No one wants to get stranded in the cold because your car won’t start.

These are just some of many ways to winterize your car. If you need new tires, winter tires, or a new battery, stop by our Service Center today.

2016 Cadillac in the snow - prepare your car for winter

Winter doesn’t mean your Cadillac has to be any less stunning.

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